Saturday, 4 August 2012 is just a game...

Marie and I took a week-end trip to "Klagenfurt am "words-sea"" last week.
Here are some pictures of people (mainly Marie & Martin) looking at things.
(*Warning: Before you continue reading I would like to inform you that you will come across 4 pictures in which you will find male  genitals (not real ones)- but if you're fine with looking at something like Michelangelo's David evertyhing will be ok- if not you might want to consider to stop reading after seeing me (Egbert) for the first time.*Warning over)

This is Marie and Martin looking at something
This is Marie and Martin walking to that something

This is Marie in the woods looking at something

This is Martin looking at something

This is Marie looking at that same something just a few seconds later

Now you're looking at that something

Again- it's you looking at something else

Big one- big one!

This is you looking at an ancient roman recipe for apricot sauce (before you try this at home- be aware that you will need some sort of fish-stock)

We're back at Marie and Martin looking at something (their reflections maybe?!)

This is you looking at ancient roman stuff

This is you looking at Martin reading something

This is Marie coming back from looking at something

This is you looking at the remains of a roman temple
This is you looking at me.

 (penises in 3...2...1...)
This is me high-fiving someone who is naked while looking at you with a bottle in my trousers  ("in my pants"?!)

This is Marie doing the same thing while looking at the naked person's face

This was us posing for you so you can look at us as we pose for you

That's latin for penis I guess

This was used to mold gold (not sure why they had to put a penis on it)

What is Marie looking at?!

A goat

This is Marie looking at me while I'm taking a picture of her and something that looks like yellow flowers

Now there's some building in the background
We also went geocaching and swimming
This is Marie and I at the words-sea

No more pictures. No more words. (Don't forget to click on those links)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Aunt and Uncle again!

We have a new niece!
Layla Lea Rebekka Huber was born at the end of May.

We were both the exact same size at birth!

Proud big sister :)

Congradulations Rebekka, Allan and Joela! We love her already :)

<< rew

We had wonderful visitors for Easter. We were the last stop on a whirlwind Europe tour and got to show or distinguished guests some highlights of Vienna.

Stephansdom - we were not very good at posing. Need to work on that!

A vending machine for holy water and candles - very practical in a 500 year old church.

We had a traditional Carinthian Easter feast on Easter Sunday.

Eierkrenn, Reindling, platter with ham, sausage and hard boiled eggs.
On the plate: three different kinds of horseradish sauce - with cranberries, apples and one I can't remember.

A close up for Emily Elizabeth  ;)

We feasted!

With the great help of Karen I finally finished my blanket! 

While Ron and Papa read all about Italian food. 

We were busy! In a good 4 hours we made this:
Thank you so much! I learned so much and it was nice to have a hands on lesson.
(I made a pillowcase with the bear fabric and some of the binding but must check where the pictures are.)

It was a great Easter 2012!